How to Fix Some Common Zipper Problems

We all run into some problems with zippers. You see, the zippers haven’t changed much since they were invented. As such, the problems with zippers are common across the board. Some of the common zipper problems are zippers that do get stuck, zipper that will not stay up and zipper pulls that are broken. You can find some of the solutions to the common zipper problems by contacting your wholesale zipper supplier –

If your zippers are stuck, one of the best ways to solve this problem is through the use of a graphite pencil and rubbing the tip on the teeth of the zippers. This should help you move the zippers up or down. If this still does not work, you can use a lubricant for this purpose. You need non-oil based lubricants for this purpose. You can also use a bar of soap or even lip balm to make the upholstery zippers move easily.

Another very common zipper problems is zipper teeth that do not close. The zipper teeth could keep popping open all the time, and this can be quite annoying. Ensure that there are no pieces of cloth that are stuck between the teeth. You need to look at the individual zipper teeth as well so that you can ensure none of the teeth are sticking out. If the teeth keep sticking out, the solution to this problem is moving the teeth back by the use of pliers. If you cannot solve these problems easily, it is time to buy new zippers at website.

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