The Ultimate List of Tips for Planning a Memorable Wedding

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a beautiful wedding that everyone marvels over for many years. One that has breathtaking photos to show off to family, friends and even your children and grandchildren one day. The concept of a successful wedding event is every bride’s desire, but achieving it is another story. There are lots of disaster stories told by brides and grooms, some of which could have been easily avoided with careful planning. Whether you decide to use a wedding planner or do everything yourself, make sure to keep the following tips in mind along the way.


Put Your Guests First

Sure, this is your big day, but what will make it memorable is a room of happy, smiling faces. So if your guests are pleased, then it will be hard to ignore. On that note, you need to ensure that you have lots of room for your guests to sit and have foods that your guests will enjoy. Make sure to take note of anyone who is allergic to certain food items, so there’s no incident on your wedding day. Also, take into account the amount of space needed to accommodate tables, chairs and waiters walking through the area.


Avoid Wedding Blackout Dates

Make sure your wedding day doesn’t fall on a date where there will be trade conferences, charity walks and other local events that may disrupt your ceremony. Talk with the hotel and parks you will be using for your event. There are also event calendars you can check to determine if there are local events happening on your wedding day.


Don’t Overlook Mother Nature

Outdoor weddings can be very beautiful, but only if the weather conditions are right. Pay close attention to the forecast as the day draws near to see if there are changes are needed. Undesirable weather includes rainy, snowy and extremely hot or cold. While it’s impossible to know the weather a year in advance, you can still select a moth that is known for good weather in your area. Just look at past weather calendars to get an idea, if you’re unsure.


Wear Something Comfortable

After the wedding ceremony, you should choose to wear something comfortable, especially the shoes. You can find nice casual dresses from shops like Old Navy that you can wear at your after-ceremony events. Some brides forego the formalities and wear summer getup.


If Needed Trim Your Guest List

Inviting guests to your once-in-a-lifetime event can quickly turn into a disaster if you try to invite too many people. Make sure you know your space and budget constraints, so you don’t overdo it. Is it absolutely necessary to invite the store clerk at your local supermarket? The thinner the list, the more money you’ll have to spend on other aspects of your wedding.


Don’t Set the Date Yet

You can place your wedding date on a specific month or week, but don’t set it until you know for sure all the details of your special day. This includes the venues you’re going to book, the food that will be made and the weather.

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